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Stop guessing about Phasing!!!
Eliminate safety hazards while saving time and money!!!

Get absolute phase ID and angle on entire systems in order to balance load and minimize line loss. With PhaseTrakker® (AP30) you can achieve correct phasing for system mapping and ensure that new substation connections are phase correct. PhaseTrakker works on overhead and underground conductors and can be used without de-energizing power lines (120V to 500kV).

PhaseTrakker® (AP30) uses GPS technology to continuously measure voltage phase angles at both the Field and Reference units, compares the angles over a phone connection and displays results on the Field Unit.

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Smart, no-hassle thermal rating!

The Sagometer® directly measures/monitors overhead conductor clearance/sag in real-time.   It is used to rate lines dynamically, enhance static ratings, alleviate constrained-line restrictions, avert forced outages in contingency situations, defer line upgrades/rebuilds, monitor safety-critical clearances, and analyze high-temperature conductor operations and conductor end-of-life. The "smart" machine-vision camera makes accurate measurements 24 hours a day.

The Sagometer® can be used in a stand-alone mode or in combination with a weather station to provide additional rating information.  It is directly compatible with a variety of powerful real-time monitoring and line rating data processing software.

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For fast, efficient and inexpensive conductor cleaning . . .

ConductaClean® is a reliable, cost-effective system for cleaning the ends of overhead conductors prior to compression splicing.

ConductaClean® is an easy-to-use system that gives line crews the capability to thoroughly clean conductors in much less time than traditional hand-cleaning methods. Its compact and portable design allows linemen to operate wherever the splice is most efficiently made - on the ground or up in a bucket.

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For efficient and accurate field data collection
Simple user configuration - collect any data you want!!!

GeoPatrol maximizes the patrolman's ability to efficiently evaluate and instantly record critical data in the field. Originally developed for aerial patrols, GeoPatrol focuses on speed and accuracy. It utilizes GPS/GIS technology along with voice recognition and touch-screen interfaces to ease data entry and maximize a patrolman's ability to stay focused on the objective -- finding and recording asset condition.

Use GeoPatrol for storm damage investigations, vegetation management, quality control audits, environmental reviews or other specialized inspections and inventories. The flexibility and configuration tools provided with GeoPatrol allow you to collect virtually any information associated with your facilities.

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Bird Strike Indicator

BSI is an automated, cost-effective tool for continuous detection and
recording of bird collisions on power and communication lines.

The Bird Strike Indicator (BSI) is an automated vibration-sensing and recording tool designed to detect bird strikes on aerial cables such as power lines and guy wires. It affordably provides utilities the ability to identify the most dangerous line segments and determine the effectiveness of line marking devices. The BSI uses accelerometers to record stress waves and vibrations caused by a bird strike. The BSI sensors are installed on the monitored wires and transmit strike activity wirelessly to a nearby base station where the data is recorded.

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