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Asset Management

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Construction Inspection/Observation Services

EDM’s team of expert inspectors provide “front-to-back” quality assurance/quality control services with a focus on delivering value-added results. Our inspectors are often called upon by our clients to act as a primary point of contact for work-in-progress, including overseeing construction issues, inventory needs, and project status updates.


  • Public and employee safety
  • Project scoping and estimating
  • Constructability reviews/recommendations
  • QA/QC of structures prior to installation
  • Stormwater BMP’s, pre- and post-job verification
  • Foundation, pole setting, and direct embedment verification
  • Project status reporting
  • Reclamation monitoring
  • High resolution imagery/near infrared imagery /LiDAR data collection
  • Team of qualified inspectors/journeymen linemen to perform virtual inspection
  • Pre- and post- construction ROW inspection


  • Customer relations and communications
  • Quality assurance
  • Constructability reviews/recommendations
  • Writing and processing project change orders
  • Permitting and material ordering
  • Post job processing/redline verification


  • Project scoping and estimating
  • Constructability reviews/recommendations
  • QA/QC of construction practices
  • Site grading and preparation
  • Drilled shaft/pier construction observation
  • Concrete forming, and rebar and anchor bolt placement verification
  • Monitoring steel erection, duct bank, and pre-cast trench installation
  • Project status reporting
  • Coordination of substation checkout, commissioning, metering, instrumentation, and relay system controls

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EDM has teamed with Intec Services, Inc. to offer additional related services.  Intec Services offers a complete variety of pole inspection, inventory and restoration services aimed at helping utilities maximize equipment life spans while maintaining the highest standards of system reliability.

Intec Services, Inc. was founded in 1991 with a dedication to providing in-service pole inspection services which have set new standards for accuracy and cost effectiveness by using an inspection strategy with three critical components:

  • Time-proven inspection and retreatment techniques
  • Advanced nondestructive testing methods
  • Computerized data collection and reporting

The EDM-INTEC team approach enables the preservation of utility line reliability throughout the desired service life and assists utilities in making responsible recommendations and decisions affecting the management of many millions of dollars of overhead line capital assets.