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Asset Management

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Inspection and Assessment

EDM’s staff of engineers, material scientists, and technicians offer a unique combination of expertise in the inspection and assessment of electric utility and communication assets. We specialize in the condition evaluation of transmission, distribution, and communication structures as well as substation and underground equipment. In partnership with our subsidiary, Intec Services, we are involved in inspections ranging from utilities’ individual line segments to their entire utility grid system under multi-year contracts.


  • Wood, steel, and composite poles and towers
  • Field inspection and condition assessment
  • Annual line patrols
  • Detailed intrusive inspection/treatment
  • Structure inventory data collection


  • Wood pole inspection
  • Sonic, ultrasonic, and resistance drilling
  • Ground penetrating radar and xray
  • Anchor rod and steel pole inspection
  • Magnetostrictive Sensor (MsS)
  • Ultrasonic


  • Several licensed Uncrewed Aircraft System (UAS) pilots
  • High resolution imagery/near infrared imagery /LiDAR data collection
  • Team of qualified inspectors/journeymen linemen to perform virtual inspection
  • Pre- and post- construction ROW inspection


  • Wood pole restoration and trussing
  • Steel structure coating repair
  • Street light pole restoration

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EDM has teamed with Intec Services, Inc. to offer additional related services.  Intec Services offers a complete variety of pole inspection, inventory and restoration services aimed at helping utilities maximize equipment life spans while maintaining the highest standards of system reliability.

Intec Services, Inc. was founded in 1991 with a dedication to providing in-service pole inspection services which have set new standards for accuracy and cost effectiveness by using an inspection strategy with three critical components:

  • Time-proven inspection and retreatment techniques
  • Advanced nondestructive testing methods
  • Computerized data collection and reporting

The EDM-INTEC team approach enables the preservation of utility line reliability throughout the desired service life and assists utilities in making responsible recommendations and decisions affecting the management of many millions of dollars of overhead line capital assets.