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Asset Management

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Corrosion Management Services

EDM offers a variety of services designed to help a utility better manage its steel assets. These services encompass all aspects of corrosion management from inspection and assessment through maintenance and repair.


Provides a valuable visual view of the utilities assets showing different hazard zones. The GIS corrosion map utilizes published soils data to identify corrosion risk.


Helps protect buried steel assets against corrosion.

  • Design/Engineering
  • Testing/Evaluation
  • Installation


Utilizes a variety of field measurements to evaluate the different factors that influence a soil’s corrosivity.

  • pH
  • Resistivity
  • Redox Potential
  • Steel to Soil Potential (Half Cell)


  • Coating Evaluation
  • Coating Specification Preparation/Review
  • Member Repair or Reinforcement Design

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EDM has teamed with Intec Services, Inc. to offer additional related services.  Intec Services offers a complete variety of pole inspection, inventory and restoration services aimed at helping utilities maximize equipment life spans while maintaining the highest standards of system reliability.

Intec Services, Inc. was founded in 1991 with a dedication to providing in-service pole inspection services which have set new standards for accuracy and cost effectiveness by using an inspection strategy with three critical components:

  • Time-proven inspection and retreatment techniques
  • Advanced nondestructive testing methods
  • Computerized data collection and reporting

The EDM-INTEC team approach enables the preservation of utility line reliability throughout the desired service life and assists utilities in making responsible recommendations and decisions affecting the management of many millions of dollars of overhead line capital assets.